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  • Roasting Capacity from 10 kg up to 30 kg per batch.

  • Roasting up to 150 kg per hour.

  • Adjustable Hot Air Valve.

  • Adjustable digital thermostat.

  • Adjustable Temperature setting for roasting preferences.

  • Sampling Spoon & Sight view glass for roasting control.

  • Chaff collector.

  • Separate control panel.

SCR-6G: Products

Standart Option

  • Double skin drum

  • Speed control at Drum and Exhaust

  • Adjustable flame level on control panel

  • At the same time cooling and roasting for maximum product output

  • Sight glass and special design sampling spoon and digital temperature makes easy coffee roasting process.

  • Chaff spoon for emptying any chaff falling between the front of the drum

  • Cost saving by gas blocker

  • Italian safety and gas control system

  • European electric components

  • Ce certified gas blocker and  electric components

  • Gas security System; to stop all system in case  of any abnormality in gas pressure.

  • Emergency button: to turn off all roasting process.

  • Easy maintenance

  • Chaff driver for collecting and chaff falling through drum

  • Independent thermocouples with digital indicator

Standart Option with PLC

  • Drum speed control, flame level control and airflow control from touch screen panel

  • Automatic or manual control possibility. Automatic operation according to temperature graph.

  • 7’’ Touch Schnieder Screen Control Panel 

Additional Options

  • Automatic drum gate, green coffee gate, cooling unit gate with pneumatic system

  • Pneumatic Loader

  • Destoner

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